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Karma Fibreⓒ

Karma Fibre is our flagship product and for good reason!

Our Karma Fibre is a premium, finely shredded carpet fibre that blends evenly into silica sand to create an incredibly versatile surface, suitable for a wide range of disciplines. It provides superior water retention which aids the stability of the surface.

Also Karma Fibre adds bounce and improves shock absorbency to give an elite riding experience.

Karma Fibre can be used in the installation of a brand new arena, or used to top up an existing surface to give it a new lease of life!

As well as making a great surface for an arena or gallop, Karma Fibre can also be used for lunge pens, turnout areas and horse-walkers.

Karma Fibre is manufactured by using brand new, clean, post-industrial material that is shredded to 30mm and passed through a giant electro-magnet. This produces a fibre that is free from contamination as well as being 99.9% metal free*. Karma Fibre is manufactured within the Environmental Agency guidelines.

Karma Fibre is available both loose and baled (400kg round bales), with delivery available nationwide. Please get in touch for a sample!

Foley’s Equestrian Surface

Here at ClanMack we are proud wholesalers of the full range of Foley’s Equestrian Surfaces.

A quality product on a budget, these surfaces are a great option for those who need a safe surface that is easy to look after.

Available both as a fully standalone option, and as a sand topper, Foley’s surfaces are very versatile and hard wearing.

Great in turnout areas as well as a full arena surface.

Arena Maintenance

Arena maintenance is incredibly important, and often overlooked! The correct maintenance will make or break your riding experience!

Here at ClanMack we manufacture our own Karma Fabrication Graders. A robust piece of machinery that is designed for effectiveness and ease of use, our graders are available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.3m, with custom powder-coating as standard.

Bespoke sizes are available, please contact us to make an enquiry.

Find a contractor

We work closely with a small, hand-selected team of contractors to bring you the highest standard of work possible.

Whilst we primarily work on a supply-only basis, we are also more than happy to help you find a contractor who can undertake all aspects of your equestrian build.

Covering the whole of the UK, the contractors we recommend are experienced and friendly, with a commitment to excellence.

Contact our team to help you find the ideal contractor.

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